MasterCard (like it’s counterpart Visa) is a payment processing institution that is owned jointly by participating financial institutions that issue and market MasterCard products – mainly credit and debit cards. Such products carry the logo of MasterCard. Lets explore a few advantages of having a MasterCard in your wallet:

Shopping Credit Cards

Wide range of cards

MasterCard offers a wide range of credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and their premier World Elite MasterCards that offer the perks of both debit and credit cards while welcoming you to a world of preferential treatment and privileged access.

Global acceptance

MasterCard cards have an unprecedented level of acceptance globally with more than 32 million acceptance locations.

Contactless payments

MasterCard offers PayPass, a contactless payment service that enables easy, “tapped” payments. MasterCard has also extended this technology beyond traditional cards; you can even choose to have your watch, key chain or other device PayPass enabled!

Money transfers

MasterCard’s has introduced a person-to-person (P2P) money transfer platform called MoneySend; it allows you to send money to your intended beneficiaries in as little as one to two banking days from the date you initiate the transfer.

Card security

MasterCard has been a pioneer in introducing features that enhance card security: it was the first in the card industry to introduce the hologram security device and the first online PIN-based global debit brand. The Association of Banks in Singapore have adopted the Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) standard that has seen the introduction of cards using chip-based technology that enhances the security of ATM cash withdrawals and card payments, thereby reducing the incidence of fraud.

Secure online shopping

MasterCard offers online shopping security through SecureCode, a private code that provides added protection for online shopping. Every transaction is independent approved every time.

World-wide customer assistance

MasterCard provides card holders with the 24 /365 multi-lingual global assistance service, MasterCard Global Service™ for card-related needs. You can count on it for help with: lost or stolen cards, emergency replacement cards, emergency cash advances, locating MasterCard ATMs and for accessing account-related information. The helpline for Singapore is 800-1100-113.


MasterCard holders automatically gain access to the MasterCard Privileges programme that allows them to indulge in a broad range of local and global experiences across dining, travel, retail and entertainment.