Benefits for Using Shopping CardsTry to work your way through a byzantine maze of ARFs, Preferential ARFs, OMVs, GSTs, ERPs and CoEs while trying to buy a car or try and work out your TDSRs, LTVs and claw-backs while trying to achieve that elusive dream called YOUR HOME or try something as simple as trying to work out the best happy hours pricing deal in Singapore. Life in Singapore can get really stressful.

What you need at such times is a rather lavish dose of retail therapy! Aided and abetted by a nifty shopping card. Why a shopping card? We will look at six benefits, six ways, six advantages, however you may put it, of how a shopping card can be a critical stress buster, a life-saver even:

1. Discounts

Shopping credit cards come with a range of discounts that are constantly updated. These could range from discounts on the total shopping spend or for particular items or they could be seasonal. For instance, on using the Citibank Rewards Card, you could get up to 35% off shopping online at Luxola, Zalora, Reebonz, Blue Nile, All Deals Asia, In Good Company and at other outlets.

2. Reward points

Almost all credit cards provide you with reward points for most transactions, online/offline. However, shopping optimized cards provide additional reward points for a variety of shopping purchases; these rewards points can be redeemed against card charges or against subsequent shopping.

With the Citibank Rewards Card, for example, you can earn 10X rewards  for every S$1 spent when you shop for clothes, bags and shoes or at departmental stores or on online shopping websites; these rewards points can be redeemed for miles, vouchers or as cash rebates.

3. Cashback

Shopping Cards provide more Cashback against a wider variety of shopping transactions than conventional credit cards. A fine example is the Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card which provides up to 10% Citi Rebate at over 800 locations and up to 2.5% Citi Rebate on M1 mobile and broadband bills.

4. Deals and offers

Every credit card out there is trying to woo customers with a wide range of deals, promotions and offers. The Citi Globeshopper, a specialized online shopping card, provides you with 20% off + 5% cash back on shipping with vPost in a promotional offer that is valid till 31st August 2014.

5. Shopping vouchers

You can also get a variety of shopping, dining and other vouchers by using your shopping card. There are a number of great voucher deals available out there. Apply for the Citibank Rewards Card and you could get S$670 worth of shopping vouchers.

6. Affiliate rewards

It is not only the card issuers who come up with great credit cards for shopping. Card affiliates like Visa and Master also offer discount deals and shopping, dining, holidaying, spa and other privileges on cards bearing their logo irrespective of the issuing bank.  Check out the deals on offer before you plump for a particular Shopping Credit Card.