Student Credit Cards

Poly and Uni students in Singapore can now cut their teeth on adult financial tools like credit cards. A few banks in Singapore are now offering low-risk Student Credit Cards; students can now learn first-hand how credit cards work while enjoying the benefits on offer while parents can rest easy knowing that the low-risk nature of these cards means that their wards’ spending is not likely to get out of hand.

Student Credit Cards

We will be looking at some of the popular Student Credit Cards in Singapore, their highlights and will try to help you make a decision to choose the best Student Credit Card. Citibank, Maybank and Standard Chartered Bank currently offer credit cards tailored at students.

 Features of Student Credit Cards in Singapore

Here are some of their highlighted features:

No Income requirement Students have no income, so how are they supposed to apply for a credit card? Thankfully all the Student Credit Cards on offer have zero income requirements. It is notable that the first no-income card, the Citi Clear Card, was launched in July 2007 following a March 2007 change by the Monetary Authority of Singapore that permitted banks to offer credit cards with up to a $500 limit without salary criteria.

Shopping & Entertainment Singapore is a nation of inveterate shoppers. Students are inveterate shoppers. Put the two together and you get a super-shopper hybrid! And what is a super-shopper hybrid without a super-shopper credit card? No wonder that Student Credit Card issuers have tried to lay out a widest possible range of shopping and entertainment options. According to comparison site,, the Citi Clear is the clear winner amongst Student Credit Cards in terms of shopping and entertainment options.

Dining Singapore’s Student Credit Cards also offer an extensive range of dining and drinks discounts at a wide range of clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants.

Rewards In addition to shopping and dining deals and discounts, Student Credit Cards also offer rewards for spends in terms of points, treats or dollars that can be redeemed against shopping, food vouchers, movie tickets etc.

In addition to the above features, the Citi Clear Card offers year long savings at Esso and Shell stations, cashback on online shipping charges and conversion of rewards points to flyer miles. Probably this may be the card to start out with if you are a student.