The world wide web has become a one stop shop today, for many of us, who know how to use it and who increasingly rely on it on a day to day basis. From social networking to online shopping, a mind boggling range of things can be done on the internet and so, importantly, we become open to an equally wide range of fraudulent tactics. Every time a Singaporean shops online he or she is vulnerable to fraud attacks. What then can we do to protect ourselves?

Here are few things that you can do to safeguard yourself against online credit card fraud :

1.No site should ask for your credit card information unless there is a transaction involved. All transactions should be done only on known and established sites, double check with your friends and peers. This is the simplest and the safest first line of defense.

2.Look for security symbols, like the ā€œSā€ after the HTTP in the address bar when using your card. There are also other ways of knowing that it is a secured site, know to look for those sure shot hints.

3.Be wary of the computers you use, if they don’t come within your regular radar. Storing key strokes and credit card information, to be retrieved later ( without your knowledge of course), is not new altogether in Singapore.

4.Online passwords are only as strong as you make them. Don’t relate any of your credit info with passwords that can easily be cracked by friends and relatives, who might know something about your background. Try to keep it random

5.Mails sent from unknown addresses should never ask about your credit card info. Check if it is regular business as usual for you; a lottery mail or something too good to be true, is the first sign that it can be all wrong. Even the name on your card could help ‘Pfshing’ attempts.

6.Read up about the company, as much as you can, before you start transacting with the company online. Try getting customer care support, just in case you might need to ring them up with a complaint. It becomes all the more difficult if the company is located out of Singapore.

7.Before you even begin your online activities, start off by investing in a reliable and effective security system. Firewall safety measures and anti virus programs should be a part of your line of defense, if you plan to use credit cards online and are the bare minimum in safety

8.Save your confirmation email for every transaction. Maintain a record. Without it you cannot challenge a wrong online transaction.

9.Know your Spyware and use it accordingly. Not all spywares are there for your purpose and many may track your online transaction info.

10.Know that you can ask for a charge back when using a credit card, if you don’t get what you ordered for within the stipulated time.