What  is a Travel Credit Card?

A credit card that is designed to fetch you points and incentives with each trip you make, in addition to offering the regular credit transactions of a normal credit card is a travel credit card. Designed to help you better while traveling, the card gives you special discounts and incentives when swiped at airline counters, travel lounges, and in making travel bookings. You can gain maximum points ,bonuses and benefits when using it in travel oriented transactions.

What are the benefits of a good Travel credit card?
Though everyone has their own preferences when it comes to deals and discounts, a good travel credit card at least has the following advantages-

A wide range of acceptance– Since these cards are meant essentially for travel purposes, they have a wider acceptance across brands and across retail outlets. Other cards may have the same acceptance too, but might not give you discounts and point benefits like a travel credit card, because travel credit cards typically have ties with retail outlets at shopping environments at transit points. There are even Travel Cards that give you access to “ members only” areas at certain spots, giving you exclusive privileges.

Sign up points– The first lot of sign up points gained will make a huge difference, with cards in Singapore offering considerable amount of bonus points. All you have to do is, build up on this solid foundation , getting closer and closer to your free flight with every swipe. Normal credit cards don’t really give you the big sign up bonus. Even if they do, they traditionally offer lesser sing up-points and its best to start off with whats maximum.

The point for money point- Almost all travel credit cards give you either mileage points, Fly- By points or reward points with every usage. Normal credit cards may not be that helpful in such scenarios, giving you just benefits with FMCG purchases at your shopping mall.

Extra frills( that really matter)-  The Travel Credit card has more coverage than any other regular credit card, in travel situations. The warranties and insurance coverage you get on a ‘built for travel credit card’ are way different and superior to the coverage you get on other cards. For example air travel accident insurance on booking fair, is something not easily available on non Travel credit cards.

The Singapore market today offers you a wide of Travel Cards to take your pick from. Walk up to any bank to find out your type or sign up to discover more. Do that now, before you take your next flight, if you want to make the maximum out of your next trip.