A Supplementary Card is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. Share with them the convenience and privileges of a Credit card, in addition, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have access to cash in an emergency. Share the conveniences, benefits and privileges of your credit card with your loved ones. What’s more, you’ll earn Rewards points each time your loved ones spend on their credit cards.

And now, read on to know what’s in store for the primary card holder. As an authorized user and not the primary account holder, supplementary cardholders cannot request a credit increases, close the account or authorize over-the-limit purchases. By and large, the supplementary card holder must be a family member of the primary cardholder to qualify for a supplementary card and also 18 years or above. There are even certain credit card companies that require the appointed person to have same last name to qualify.

Supplementary cardholders have no legal liability to pay the charges that they meet with when they use the card. Eventually, the primary account holder is responsible for paying any charges that are due. If the supplementary cardholder has an agreement with the primary account holder, he does have the right to sue you for any charges you do not pay but will have to prove that you and he had an agreement that you would pay your own dues.

Adding someone to your credit card account as a supplemental cardholder requires cautious deliberation. If the person is dependable, giving him or her a card can make it easier for you if he or she often picks things up at the store for you; pays your bills or else, the said person needs to begin his or her own credit history. If he or she has had problems in the past managing credit, you may want to think twice before adding him or her to your account as a supplementary cardholder. You will be responsible for any charges to your account and could wind up paying for things that you do not own.