Credit card reward earning rates and redemption benefits are in a constant state of flux. New card offerings can easily make old card offerings out of date. Not so long ago, a customer was overheard as talking with a relative about his use of a particular credit card, and then realized that by re-evaluating the current card offerings, he would be able to earn an extra $100 to $200 per year. Experts argue that we should refrain from using a point card if the value is less than a penny per point.

That being said, there are customers who use rewards credit card to earn cash back on their everyday spending and monthly bill payments. They argue, and intelligently so, that since they spend the money anyway, they would like to use the method of payment that gives them the best return. In this credit card-driven world, there should be an ideal one for everyone. You should look at your overall spending to determine which rewards card is right for you. That’s because many rewards cards offer a higher rate of return when you spend a lot in a specific category, like groceries or gas.

The top credit card rewards schemes pay you $3 for every $100 spent on them, an easy way to make $100s or $1,000s a year just by changing plastic. Yet some use impenetrable points systems to disguise poor payouts. The premise is simple. Spend on your cards and they pay you. Do it right and you can earn $100s or even$ 1,000s a year worth of goodies, at no cost. Everyone should consider it.

The reason cards give rewards is to encourage spending, as do that and they can charge us 18% APR or more and retailers up to 1%. So always follow this amazing tip. Getting charged interest almost always dwarfs even the very best rewards schemes, so if you want rewards, always set up a direct debit to repay the card in full each month, so there’s zero interest. With rewards points, you earn days out, flights, holidays, CDs, the works… simply by getting points. Many credit cards offer incentives like free flights or electronic goods for you to sign up to the card. Therefore if you’ve a good credit score, just take advantage by signing up even if you don’t want the card.